The Lowly 4O meter NVIS

  In 2010 I went on vacation in a mountain valley near Ruidoso New Mexico.  It was my second time at this rent house stuck right at the bottom of a narrow valley and my tree hangers weren't a very good antennas for getting out of that valley. The 15 degree take off ran you right into the granite. I needed a higher take off radiation angle so I internet rehearsed and found that the high  angle NEAR VERTICAL INCIDENT SKYWAVE or NVIS dipole might work. It did so well that I decided to build one at home for rag chewing on 40 cw which is one of my non-dx loves.
 The NVIS is like any other dipole. Its about 66 feet long on 40 meters . I use a 1:1 balun  and 70 ohm RG6 but after that it gets weird. It must not be over 7 feet 3 inches off the ground!! Then it must have at least one reflector cut about 5% longer than the driven element just pinned to the ground. What you have is a 2 element parasitic pointing straight up! If you have to mow just take the end pins out and coil  up the reflector and set it aside while you mow. In fact just put one under your fence support and don't coil it up when you mow.
I now have 6 ground reflectors. They are obviously reducing ground loss .You can use the number of reflectors that are practical for you.All you really need is 1.

I use my fence as the primary support (see photos below)   and I used fiberglass spreaders to extend to the 7 foot three inch level. To avoid sag I use an extension supports  about every 10 feet or so. I attach the fence post extenders wit electric tie.  I space my reflectors about 4 feet apart but I don't think it matters. When I placed one 20 feet from the center reflector I saw more TVI on my tv monitor in the shack so I moved it in until it stopped.  I do think that you drop the angle of radiations by moving the reflectors out because I do get out of my back yard and that may be the reason.several nice qsos over 1200 miles out but the biggie on November 16 2011 was Andy, HB9CVQ 5301 miles with 500 watts and OV1CDX 5042 miles with 800 w. Hilarious from 7 feet 11/16/2001  Ok I challenge anyone to break this record, LZ1JPk 900 watts nvis at 7 feet. Go gettem boys-
This antenna is vastly underrated. I use it with 200-250 watts out but it matches reports on  almost any one with 100 watts on any antenna..My SWR is dead flat.  . It is not a DX antenna-- I enjoy many stateside chats. 

It dawned on me that for deed restricted areas or old guys like me who don't climb anymore-- or hams that like to" keep it simple" This antenna has great utility and absolutely has  been over looked. Give it a try. Ask any questions you have at and I'll try to help. Use your imagination on the supports at 7 feet. This antenna does not work above 7 mhz and is just too big on 80 to be practical. Good Luck!!

Here is the feed line going to the Balun at the center mast. 
                     This is a fiberglass support attached to the fence post with   electrical ties. Keep it simple!!

                                        Another shot down the fence line.
                                          My Garden!! 

                        Ground reflectors
                                           Try it with 5 ground reflectors !!!
                               I call it the w5zo 40 meter  NVIS 
                GOOD LUCK AND 73!!!  Mike