I had tried remote but is was too Hard!! I use HRD amd DM780. but the remote thing was remote alright. Then about some time ago I worked a psk31 contact in w6 land "Remote in the middle east". He was a military guy. I asked him what he was using. He told me that he used a free software balled TEAM VIEWER  (free for personal use)
First, I down loaded it on my home computer . It gives you an ID and a password. then  downloaded it on my laptop.It asks what computer you want to control and you type in the password of yje home computer.. What the heck? there it was. !! My rig computer!! I enlarged the screen and opened HRD. HRD controls my ICOM 756 pro.3. . To hear, I went to the Audio/ Video button at the top and opened that .It gave me a voip option at the rig computer. A slide out comes out from the right side of the screen and-- just turn your computer mic on. Wow ,I could hear fine. ( some say skype is better but haven't even tried) .
there is some latency depending on your remote computer network. All this was on windows XP PRO.
    Now for the test. First I operated from the office down town. I don't do much SSB so I did digi stuff and cw using WinKEY on HRD and psk 31 on DM780. What a success. but the real test was a trip 500 miles away for a heart procedure (called an ablation) at St. David' hospital in Austin Texas.My XYL and  I were gone for 12 days and 1600 miles of travel. I actually did psk 31 in the hospital !! I operated in hotels and over night stops etc. I just logged on HRD LOG the normal way I would sitting here .

Anything you can control on HRD you can do remote. I use a multi band  vertical because I cant switch antennas. Another tip is I use a simple timer on the power supply plug to turn the rig off at night and on the next morning. My computer stays on any way. I did have a screen freeze which you can avoid by turning off all programs when you end remote operation. I have a great neighbor who reset the computer for me and I was back on the air.

Audio is through SKYPE.

That is about it. You know what I know so I hope this helps you. 73 Mike W5ZO

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