Sunday, October 20, 2013


Welcome to W5ZO

Hello from W5ZO in Amarillo Texas. I am Mike Lynch ,ham since 1958 .  If you want to see where I live and why ? click here then come back.
Texas Panhandle
AND Amarillo HIGHWAY!!
I hope each of you will browse to your hearts content. I have tried to tell my story on these pages . Special thanks to Google Blogs for the free website
I I was born in 1944, licensed in 1958. I am a Semi Retired lawyer and live in Amarillo Texas with Ann my xyl. We have two married, grown sons and two grandsons.

This is my XYL Annie. She understands me. Here is my house
We live on two acres near the old route 66.Yes, the pond has fish. This pond was built by the family and is 10 feet deep at the bottom. It is lined and periodic aireation.
That is me and my grand dad (Poppy).
Here he is again.
Nice shirt ,huh? (That's our dog at the bottom.)
That is some of the antenna farm. The beam is the Hygain explorer 14 and a 55 foot tubular crank up. It cranks over for old men and is heavily guyed at two levels. The guys use winches.(see my page on that). We have 80 mph winds here on a nice day but no FEMA.  .  . I have a wonder half sloper (W9INN) on the tower with twelve 100  foot radials. I use 40 meter phased verticals ( multi band )  and a Delta loop on 40/30 (on one feed line, no balun)  and one for 17/20 ( see my article on the "tomahawk" , a new antenna configuration) , I have a two element 6 meter quad and a 17 meter Extended Double Zepp. I have several pages here on my antennas you might enjoy. 
 After 58 year I have learned some interesting things on the "last frontier"-- antennas . Remember this. If rf can seek and find resonance -- it will find it. 

I love to work CW with frequency!! (pun)
It's pretty here on a summer evening.
My Grand Dad again.(he likes red cups)
This is our back yard.
Here it is !! Cadillac Ranch. 1 mile from our home.
Yes,if you eat a 72 oz steak and all the trimmings here you get it free. We are known all over the world for this place.

 Finally, My love of CW was significantly enhanced on February 17th 2012 when ,due to squamous cell cancer of the vocal chords, I had a total larygectomy performed at MDAnderson Head and Neck center headed by "the best"   . I am now a "neck breather" . Fortunately , "my voice" is rediscovered by  "hands free" technology.   I speak and breath through a "hands free implanted voice prosthesis" as you can see below and it is  radio quality( barely)  but I still have trouble in rag chewing on SSB. CW is my love, anyway.I am on very often for ragchewing at any speed you want. You can see my live log book on my QRZ page. 

 At age 13 when I learned the code little did I realize the significance that would play in my life at age now as a almost necessity  in my ham  life is and shall now continue to be --ham radio and I  press on. 

 I "work out" many times a year and quite fit,.   Any way, 

Well, that's it from W5ZO. 73 and good DX ! 

See if I'm on the air and review my current log on ( you will see some actual  qso's as I log them on HRD).

And check out my other pages dealing with antennas and other things .Ham radio is so wonderful. Thanks for dropping by. We have the greatest hobby on earth. 73. Mike, W5ZO